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The Lead-Based Paint Inspection Law (P.L.2021, C.182)

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The Lead-based Paint Inspection Law (P.L.2021, c.182) addresses lead-based paint hazards in residential rental property and establishes lead-based paint hazard control work programs.

So, what does this Lead Safe Certification law require of a property owner?

If you rent pre-1978 property in Summit that does not qualify for one of several exemptions, as of July 2022, you are required to have a VISUAL lead-paint inspection (interiors, common areas and exteriors / out buildings) upon tenancy turnover of each unit or every three years, which ever happens first. You must obtain a Lead Safe Certification or Lead-Free Certification to rent a pre-1978 property.

  • Lead-SAFE Certification is issued where, upon inspection, a lead paint hazard(s) is/are found on the property by a local agency or state certified professional but is safely treated and requires no further action at the time of inspection or occupancy turn-over. This certification type is only good for two years and will expire.
  • Lead-FREE Certification is issued where, upon inspection, no lead paint is found anywhere on the property by a state certified professional (Summit's local agency does not issue Lead Free Certificates). This certification type is good for the life of the property and does not expire unless a lead-based paint illness is reported to the State. 

If you have not tested for lead based paint and the property is pre-1978 original construction, the law states you must assume all interior and exterior paint on the property is lead-based paint. 

The visual inspection required in Summit can only be done by a municipal's local agency inspection program or a NJ DCA certified Lead Evaluation contractor all of whom will assess a fee for inspection services. A list of certified lead evaluation contractors can be found below.

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READ MORE about your obligation as a property owner related to the new law on the Property Owners Association of New Jersey 's website.

Lead-Based Paint in Rental Dwellings Guide for Owners & Residents

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This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of lead-based paint hazards, how to inspect for such hazards, and how hazards can be mitigated or eliminated for compliance with P.L.2021, c.182. The guide is intended to serve owners and residents of rental dwellings throughout the State of New Jersey.

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DCA Certified Lead Inspectors

Lead Inspection

Individuals are certified as lead inspector/risk assessors, lead abatement workers, and lead abatement supervisors by the New Jersey Department of Health pursuant to their regulations at N.J.A.C. 8:62, adopted under the authority of N.J.S.A. 26:2Q-1, et seq. Information on the requirements for an individual to be certified may be found online at:


DCA Certified Lead Abatement Firms

Lead Abatement

Firms that perform lead evaluation or abatement services are certified by the Department of Community Affairs. This information may be found online at:


Prior to engaging any Lead Abatement or Lead Evaluation firm, contact Lead Hazard Abatement at (609) 633-6224 or by fax at (609) 943-5159 to verify the contractor's certification status. EPA lead-safe work practices and certification requirements have been in effect since April 2010 for individuals who conduct renovations or repairs in housing and child-occupied facilities built before 1978.

To learn more about these requirements, please contact EPA Region 2 at (732) 321-6671, or visit EPA's website links below:

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