Engineering Permits

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Engineering Permit

 An Engineering Permit (PDF) is required before installation or replacement of any curbing, driveway aprons, or sidewalks within the public right-of-way. The public right-of-way is the space between your front property line and the front property line across the street. The area often includes sidewalks and curbs, which are the property owner's responsibility, street lights, utility poles, and the road itself.

This permit is also necessary when excavations must be made in the roadway or in the right-of-way for any reason, which could include any type of utility installation, connection, or repair. In addition, the permit is required to “cap” a sanitary sewer connection, whether in the right-of-way or not. Capping of a sewer is typically done before an existing building is demolished.

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Grading Permit

A Engineering Permit (PDF) and the grading checklist, which is a specific kind of engineering permit, is generally required for land disturbance work of 600 square feet or more. Included in the 600 square feet is the area of any building or building addition, patio, deck, pool, or other new construction or demolition or regrading of the land. It also encompasses the area that will be temporarily disturbed in the course of construction, such as trenches, soil stockpile areas and construction entrances for large equipment. More details can be found in the Grading Ordinance (PDF). Steep slopes is an important aspect disturbance within the Hilltop City. The full steep slopes ordinance is accessible online. 

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Engineering & Grading Permit FAQs

Are you preparing to or have already submitted an engineering or grading Permit. Read the Engineering & Grading Permit FAQ.

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Road Opening Moratorium

A moratorium is placed on all roads paved within 5 years.  The city’s full moratorium ordinance is available online.

Engineering Permit Costs

Project Type Cost

Curb, Sidewalk, Driveway Aprons

$30 application fee
Road Opening (excavation) $30 application fee
$75 inspection fee
Road Opening Deposit: $100 per square yard of opening or $500 minimum, whichever is greater. This is refundable.
Sewer Cap $30 application fee & $75 inspection fee paid in one check ($105 total)
Road Opening Deposit (see above; if applicable)
Storm Sewer Connection $30 application fee
$75 inspection fee
Road Opening Deposit (see above; if applicable)
$500 refundable deposit for connection to main or to sewer inlet
Sanitary Sewer Connection $30 application fee
$75 inspection fee
Road Opening Deposit (see above; if applicable)
$500 refundable deposit for connection to main (if applicable)
$500 re-connection fee (if applicable)
$2300 fee for new service connections (if applicable
Grading Permits $400 which includes up to one revision submittal. Each revision beyond the first one will incur an additional $75 fee.  Grading permits for which the Engineering Division has granted a waiver for the plan requirement will incur a fee of $100.
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