Construction Updates

City of Summit Road Projects Summary- 2020

  • COMPLETE - New Providence Avenue
  • Butler Parkway - See below
  • Pine Grove Avenue (Blackburn to Ashland) - See below
  • Huntley Road Area (Caldwell Avenue, Clark Street, Huntley Road, Eaton Court & Willow Road) - See below
  • Safe Streets to Transit (4 intersections) - See below
  • 2020 Micro Paving (Planned start: 8/20/2020 | Roads: Portland, Pembroke, Twombly Dr., Gary, Myrtle, Beekman, Irving, Warwick, Canoe Brook, Hillcrest Ave.)
  • For additional project years please see the Project Planning page.  

City of Summit Road Projects Summary - 2019

  • COMPLETE - Laurel Avenue (entire length) & Larned Road (Mountain Avenue to Myrtle Avenue) 
  • COMPLETE - Linden Place (entire length) & Oakland Place (entire length) 
  • COMPLETE - Springfield Avenue, City Hall Portion (Morris Avenue to RR Bridge) 
  • COMPLETE - Pine Grove Avenue (Springfield Avenue to Blackburn Road) 
  • COMPLETE - Wallace Road (entire length)
  • COMPLETE - Park Place 
  • COMPLETE - Henry Place (entire length)

Union County Road Projects Summary - 2020
  • Constantine Place - COMPLETED
  • Springfield Avenue - COMPLETED
  • Mountain Avenue - COMPLETED
  • For the latest information on the County Paving Projects please check the Union County website

Utility projects Summary - 2020
  • Water - All water service is owned and operated by New Jersey American Water.  Click Here for the latest updates. 
  • Gas - All gas service is owned and operated by PSE&G Click Here for the latest updates

2020 Micro-Paving Project - COMPLETED on August 20 -24, 2020

  1. Portland Road (Thursday, August 20) 
  2. Pembroke Road (Thursday, August 20) 
  3. Twombly Drive (Thursday, August 20)
  4. Myrtle Ave (Friday, August 21)
  5. Beekman Road (Friday, August 21)
  6. Irving Place (Friday, August 21)
  7. Warwick Road (Monday, August 24)
  8. Canoe Brook Place (Monday, August 24)
  9. Hillcrest Ave (Monday, August 24)
  10. Gary Road (Monday, August 24)

Ashland Road & Elm Place Crosswalk Installation

  • Limits: Ashland Road & Elm Place
  • Scope: Replace two ADA ramps, install sidewalk island, roadway striping & signage  
  • Start: September 2020
  • End: 4 days
  • Update: Construction to begin September 21, 2020.  Notification and construction drawing provided to the adjacent residents in April 2020.  Further notice to be provided prior to the start of work.  Please contact City of Summit Engineering office to discuss the project at 908-273-6404.  
  • View the Construction Plans (PDF)

Huntley Road Area Improvement Project

  • Limits: Caldwell Avenue, Clark Street, Eaton Court, Huntley Road & Willow Road, 
  • Scope: Install granite block curbing where needed (mainly along driveways), repair of existing curbing where needed, upgrade drainage inlets, install drainage pipe along Huntley Road and connect leader drains, replace sidewalk ramps as needed along Broad Street, mill and pave the streets noted above.
  • Date: Thursday September 17 and Friday September 18
  • Update: Project was out to bid in April and will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder in June, S & L Contractors of Kenilworth New Jersey.  The project schedule is as follows: June 29th - Clean and Inspect Sewers to begin; June 29th upgrade of storm inlets to begin; July 6th curbing and drainage work to begin on Clark & Caldwell.  Huntley Road Drainage to begin the week of July 27th and curb work will follow the completion of the drainage work.  Milling and Paving of Clark Street & Caldwell Avenue is complete.  Milling & Paving on Eaton Court and Huntley Road (Eaton Court to Clark Street) is also complete.  Drainage work on Huntley Road is now complete.  The remaining curb work is on going.  Anticipated milling and paving of Huntley & Willow September 17 & 18, 2020.      
  • View the Construction Plans (PDF)

Safe Streets to Transit Project

  • Limits: 4 Intersections approaching Summit Train Station 
    • Summit/Franklin
    • Maple/Union
    • Maple/Railroad
    • Broad/Summit
  • Scope: Installation of lighting, signage, RRFB systems & sidewalk
  • Start: August 2020
  • End: September 2020
  • Night Work: All work will be completed between 9pm and 5am. 
  • Update: Project was awarded at the April 28th Council Meeting to the lowest responsible bidder.  A pre-construction meeting was held in July.  Mobilization began on Monday, August 10, 2020.   Concrete removal, installation of light footings and conduit all complete.  Awaiting delivery of lights and install of RRFB systems.  
  • View the Construction Plans (PDF)

Pine Grove Avenue Section 2 Improvement Project

  • Limits: Blackburn Road to Ashland Road
  • Scope: Install concrete sidewalk on the east side, upgrade drainage structures, mill and pave. 
  • Start: September 2020
  • End: Spring 2021
  • Update: Project was Bid January into February and awarded to Midwest Construction. A Pre-Construction meeting was held in June.  PSEG has recently completed maintenance work on the gas main and services prior to the project and NJAW also recently completed the upgrade of water service upgrades.  Layout was completed in early September and we anticipate construction to begin by the end of September.  Please contact City of Summit Engineering office to discuss the project if you have any questions at 908-273-6404.  
  • View the Construction Plans (PDF)

Butler Parkway Improvement Project

  • Limits: Entire Length
  • Scope: Install sidewalk, install curbing, upgrade drainage, mill & pave
  • Start: NA
  • End: NA
  • Update: Construction plans are currently being prepared and will be shared once completed.  A public meeting, open house style, will be scheduled with all impacted residents of Butler Parkway in 2020.    

Recently Completed Projects


These projects are completed. Should you have any concerns please contact the Engineering Division at 908-273-6404.

  • New Providence Avenue Improvement Project
  • Linden Place & Oakland Place Improvement Project
  • Pine Grove Avenue Section 1 Improvement Project (Springfield to Blackburn)
  • Laurel Avenue & Larned Road Improvement Project
  • Village Green Phase II Improvement Project
  • Tanglewood, Dorchester & Winchester Road Improvement Project
  • Plymouth Road
  • Alley Way Improvement Project
  • Lenox Road & Whittredge Road Improvement Project
  • Hobart Avenue Improvement Project
  • Blackburn Road Improvement Project (Blackburn Place to Valley View Avenue)
  • Summit Maple Elm Improvement Project
  • Brook Court Paving (by PSEG) - Entire Length
  • Springfield Avenue Improvement Project (City Hall Portion)
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