Construction Updates

Tanglewood, Dorchester & Winchester Road Improvement Project

  • Limits: Entire Length of each street
  • Scope: Replace granite block curbing where needed, upgrade drainage as needed, mill and pave. 
  • Start: July 23, 2018
  • End: October 15, 2018
  • Update: A contract has been awarded to AJM Contractors.  Curb work was recently completed on all three roads.  Storm drains have been upgraded and the manholes were completed the week of the 24th of September. Milling and Paving is currently anticipated for the early half of October.  Notice prior to the milling and paving will be provided to the residents.   
  • View the Construction Plans (PDF). 

Village Green Phase II Improvement Project

  • Limits: South West Quadrant of the Village Green (across from the YMCA)
  • Scope: Remove and install sidewalks, improve lighting and landscaping
  • Start: Fall 2018
  • End: Winter 2018
  • Update: Construction Plans have been finalized for the sidewalk and lighting improvements to the south west quadrant of the Village Green and ARE OUT TO BID.  A booth was setup on the Village Green on May 17, 2018 to explain the project scope.  The project was also presented to the Planning Board on May 21, 2018.  The project stems from the Village Green Master Plan that was adopted in 2009 and the City of Summit recently received a $375,000 NJDOT grant from their Transit Village Program for this work.  
  • View the construction plans (PDF).
  • View the Master Plan (PDF).

Plymouth Road Improvement Project

  • Limits: Entire Length
  • Scope: Replace concrete curbing with granite block curbing, repair sidewalks and ADA ramps as needed, upgrade drainage as needed, mill and pave. 
  • Start: Summer 2018
  • End: Fall 2018

Hobart Avenue Improvement Project

  • Limits: Franklin Place to Springfield Avenue
  • Scope: Install curbing and sidewalks, upgrade ADA ramps, upgrade drainage, mill and pave.
  • Start: Mid October 
  • End: Mid November
  • Update: A Prec-construction meeting was held between the City and the Contractor.  Work is anticipated to begin Mid October with storm sewer upgrades and will progress to curbing and sidewalk weather permitting.  
  • View the construction plans here.

Lenox Road & Whittredge Road Improvement Project

  • Limits: Lenox Road (Entire Length); Whittredge Road (Entire Length)
  • Scope: Install curbing where none exists, repair sidewalks and ADA ramps as needed, upgrade drainage as needed, mill and pave. 
  • Start: October 2017
  • End: Spring 2018
  • Update: All work is now complete.  If any outstanding items remain to be repaired on private property please call 908-273-6404.
  • View the construction plans (PDF).

Alley Way Improvement Project

  • Limits: 200, 300 and 400 Alley Way
  • Scope: Install sidewalk, repair drainage inlets, mill and pave
  • Start: April 2018
  • End: June 2018
  • Update: All major work is complete and only punch list items remain. 
  • View the construction plans (PDF).

Morris Avenue Bridge Replacement

  • Limits: Morris Avenue Bridge over NJ Transit tracks between Springfield Avenue and Kent Place Boulevard.
  • Scope: Full replacement of bridge structure. This project is being completed by New Jersey Transit and will require a full closure of the bridge.  Detours are in place.  Work includes the relocation of several utilities including, sanitary sewer, storm sewers, electric, gas, water, fiber optics, telephone and communication networks.  The majority of work must be completed at night due to train traffic
  • View the detour map (PDF).
  • End Date: The Bridge was opened on June 29th 2018.  

2017 Drainage Improvement Project

  • Limits: Various Locations
  • Scope: Upgrade city storm sewer infrastructure.
  • Start: November 2017
  • End: Summer 2018
  • Update: Drainage Upgrades on Westminster Road were completed this Spring.  Work on Harvard Street and other locations are ongoing.  All work should be complete by the end of Summer 2018.    
  • View the construction plans (PDF).

Brook Court, Crestwood Lane and Old Springfield Avenue Paving Project

  • Limits: Entire length of each street.  
  • Scope: Repair curbing where needed, replace sidewalk where needed, upgrade drainage, upgrade ADA then mill and pave.  BROOK COURT - Preliminary work on Brook Court will take place starting late Spring of 2018 by PSEG with the replacement of the entire gas main.  
  • Start: N/A
  • End: N/A
  • Update: 
    • All work is complete on Crestwood Lane and Old Springfield Avenue
    • Brook Court experienced several paving related issues that will be address by PSEG 

Locust Drive - Culvert Replacement (by Union County)

  • Limits: Blackburn Road to Tulip Street
  • Scope: Replacement of the Union County maintained drainage culvert
  • Start: February 2018
  • End: Summer 2018
  • Update: All major work on the culvert and on the road is now complete.  Any remaining issues related to the Culvert project should be directed to Reivax Construction 973-817-5553 or Union County.  Any issues related to the paving from Blackburn Road to the Culvert should be directed to the Public Works Division at 908-273-6404.  

Blackburn Road, Brook Court and Locust Drive - GAS Main Replacement (PSEG)

  • Limits: Blackburn Road - Springfield Avenue to Prospect Street; Brook Court - Entire Length; Locust Drive - Entire Length
  • Scope: Replace the gas main in the limits described above.  Brook Court gas main replacement will occur prior to repaving of the street to be completed by the City.  Locust Drive gas main replacement is to take place as part of the culvert replacement project.  All work being completed and managed by PSEG.   
  • Start: Summer 2018
  • End: Summer 2018
  • Update: PSEG to complete repairs needed on Brook Court 

Completed Projects


These projects are completed. Should you have any concerns please contact the Engineering Division at 908-273-6404.
  • 2017 Curb and ADA Ramp Project
  • Crescent Avenue and Hillside Avenue Paving project
  • 2017 Micro-surfacing Project
  • Washington School parking lot
  • Downtown Conduit Installation Project
  • Elm Street Paving
  • Ashwood Avenue & Ashwood Court Improvements
  • Colt Road Improvement Project
  • Deforest Avenue Section II (Norwood to Maple)
  • Edgemont Road Improvement Project
  • Broad Street Sewer Line Inspection
  • Blackburn Road Improvement Project (Blackburn Place to Valley View Avenue)
  • Summit Maple Elm Improvement Project
  • Springfield Avenue - Entire Length City Portion