Broad Street West Redevelopment

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In the 2016 Master Plan Re-examination, an area along Broad Street between Maple Street and Springfield Avenue was identified as an area to be considered for redevelopment because of its investment potential, potential neighborhood cohesion and connection. 

This area was considered an important location to potentially provide opportunities for "affordable housing, live/work units, adaptive reuse, pedestrian amenities, public art and open space, affordable neighborhood retail, office and co-working space, and community facilities." 

In 2017, the City of Summit's Planning Board conducted a preliminary investigation of the area to determine its suitability as an "area in need of redevelopment." 

Copy of Map BSW redevelopment area

What is redevelopment planning? A special land use process in the State of New Jersey that allows communities greater input in how development takes place on key sites and challenged areas within its borders. It creates a public-private partnership where development within designated "areas in need of redevelopment" are used to address existing community concerns and meet the needs for future stability and growth. Projects can only be implemented with the creation of a redevelopment plan specific to the block and lots. 

Public involvement and visioning are an integral piece to successful redevelopment plans.

BSW financial presentation by city financial advisor Robert Powell

screenshot of council meeting

City Administrator Michael Rogers explains financial aspects of BSW Redevelopment Project

screenshot of council meeting

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions 

The Broad Street West Redevelopment team is providing answers to the most often asked questions during public meetings and in emails.

FAQ image
 screenshot of Broad Street West proposed financial agreement presentation

Review of proposed financial agreement
View the presentation from the March 1 Common Council Meeting on the proposed financial agreement for subdistrict 3 redevelopment.

image of Broad and cedar street view for BSW redevelopment
letter to editor

Letter from Mayor and Common Council

Summit elected officials are sharing a message to the community for the benefit of new residents and to answer questions raised at recent meetings about Broad Street West redevelopment, and Subdistrict 3.

Broad Street West subdistrict three
public mtg BSW

Members of the residential and business community are invited to participate in the planning process and to share ideas for specific uses and improvements to the redevelopment area, including architectural design preferences, and proposed project material.

BSW feedback
Broad Street West map focusing on Zone 3

Community Meeting & Presentation: February 9, 2022

The City of Summit hosted a community meeting and presentation on the Broad Street West redevelopment project at the Summit Community Center located at 100 Morris Avenue on Wednesday, February 9 from 7PM to 9PM.  In addition to those shared at the meeting, the public is encouraged to email additional questions and/or comments to

Meeting materials include:


Redevelopers websites

L&M Development Partners

Toll Brothers

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