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Project Overview

The 2016 Master Plan Re-examination identified an area —Broad Street West—of redevelopment as it offers strong investment potential, a connection to the downtown and opportunities for affordable housing, environmental sustainability, neighborhood retail, office and co-working spaces, pedestrian amenities, open space and more. 

Since 2019, members of Common Council have been working with a steering committee and the redevelopment team to establish a redevelopment plan with objectives for Subdistricts 1, 2 and 3.

Whats happening now
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SUMMIT, N.J., July 6, 2023 – At its Wednesday, July 5 meeting, Summit Common Council voted to exercise its option to end negotiations and terminate the conditional designation agreement with the redevelopers involved in the Broad Street West Redevelopment Project. The decision represents a significant change in course for the redevelopment project initiative.

Full News Release 

Project update from February 7 Council meeting (Click to enlarge)

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After objections to the density and scale of a proposed building design, parking plan and financials for Subdistrict 3, Common Council is incorporating community feedback and priorities for the project and has requested revised plans for what will be built, or not, in all three subdistricts. Community engagement continues, and a community meeting will be held later this Fall.

Volunteer for committee

The City of Summit is requesting applications from residents to participate in a newly formed Broad Street West Redevelopment Advisory Committee to assist the Common Council in its negotiations with Broad Street West redevelopers and be tasked with reviewing and analyzing financial information related to the project. 

Qualified applicants must be residents of Summit with extensive work experience in real estate development and construction loan finance or specialized expertise in alternative asset class investment with a demonstrated understanding of residential, commercial, and retail use pro forma analysis, project loan underwriting, real estate market risk assessment and capital deployment.

Members of the committee will be appointed by the Common Council at its October 6 meeting and serve until the end of 2022 with possibility for extension if necessary. Please include a resume with submission of an application.

Read the resolution to establish the Broad Street West Redevelopment Advisory Committee here.

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Process and timing
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Update from City Administrator Michael Rogers at the Tuesday, July 26 Common Council meeting

I appreciate this opportunity to update the community on Broad Street West redevelopment and what we have been focusing on over the past month, and will look to complete in the coming months.

At my request, city staff completed an extensive review of comments made during every public meeting since February 2022, which included comments sent by email as well, to guide the city in future project planning with the redevelopers.

Members of my office and the steering committee have met with the redevelopers L&M and Toll Brothers to discuss community concerns expressed over the last several months, restate city priorities, and to direct them on providing the city with revised concept plans for the redevelopment area.

In Subdistrict 3, we have asked for a project plan that proposes a much smaller building or buildings with fewer residential units that support the goals outlined in the Master Plan. Further, we have re-emphasized our need for affordable housing and on-site parking that comports with the redevelopment plan.

Council will communicate clearly with the community about next steps in the coming days and weeks. There will soon be updates provided on the city website and a mailer with updated information that outline next steps pertaining to the redevelopment area.

Future action items will include forming a working group that consists of professionals from the community with expertise in commercial real estate and finance to assist the city in project negotiations, engaging city advisory commissions in the planning process to provide input, and hosting additional public meetings in the fall.

As the city's chief administrative officer, council and Mayor Radest have made clear to me that they understand the unique opportunity presented by redevelopment of Broad Street West, and that we will continue to progress with it purposefully and with meaningful community engagement.

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Redevelopment Project is paused.

At a special meeting on Monday, June 27, Summit Common Council unanimously voted to rescind an ordinance introduced at the June 21 special meeting that would amend the redevelopment plan, and also voted to rescind a resolution to refer the ordinance to the city's Planning Board for a consistency review. 

Going forward, Common Council will solicit community feedback as they work with the redevelopment team to revise project plans. Check back here for updates, including a project timeline.

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Background on the project
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What is redevelopment planning? A special land use process in the State of New Jersey that allows communities greater input in how development takes place on key sites and challenged areas within its borders. It creates a public-private partnership where development within designated "areas in need of redevelopment" are used to address existing community concerns and meet the needs for future stability and growth. Projects can only be implemented with the creation of a redevelopment plan specific to the block and lots. 

Public involvement and visioning are an integral piece to successful redevelopment plans.

Previous design concepts for Subdistrict 3

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BSW presentation slide website

Presentation on updates to the Broad Street West redevelopment plan given at the Wednesday, June 15 Common Council meeting. It was prepared by Topology and includes information from redevelopers and the city's financial advisor.

BSW financial presentation by city financial advisor Robert Powell 3/1/22

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City Administrator Michael Rogers explains financial aspects of BSW Redevelopment Project 2/15/22

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Amended Broad Street West Redevelopment Plan with accompanying Topology memo explaining changes and document with red-lined changes (updated versions posted 062122) 

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Responses to Frequently Asked Questions 

The Broad Street West Redevelopment team is providing answers to the most often asked questions during public meetings and in emails.

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 screenshot of Broad Street West proposed financial agreement presentation

Review of proposed financial agreement
View the presentation from the March 1 Common Council Meeting on the proposed financial agreement for subdistrict 3 redevelopment.

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letter to editor

Letter from Mayor and Common Council

Summit elected officials are sharing a message to the community for the benefit of new residents and to answer questions raised at recent meetings about Broad Street West redevelopment, and Subdistrict 3.

Broad Street West subdistrict three
public mtg BSW

Members of the residential and business community are invited to participate in the planning process and to share ideas for specific uses and improvements to the redevelopment area, including architectural design preferences, and proposed project material.

BSW feedback
Broad Street West map focusing on Zone 3

Community Meeting & Presentation: February 9, 2022

The City of Summit hosted a community meeting and presentation on the Broad Street West redevelopment project at the Summit Community Center located at 100 Morris Avenue on Wednesday, February 9 from 7PM to 9PM.  In addition to those shared at the meeting, the public is encouraged to email additional questions and/or comments to

Meeting materials include:


Redevelopers websites

L&M Development Partners

Toll Brothers

Important Documents