Juvenile Unit

About the Juvenile Unit

The Juvenile Unit is responsible for building positive relationships with the young people of Summit in an effort to reinforce responsible decision making among the future leaders of our community.

The unit, staffed by a Juvenile Detective, accomplishes this important mission through the maintenance of strong partnerships with the city's public and private educational institutions.

In addition to this important community outreach, the Juvenile Detective oversees all law enforcement investigations in which a juvenile is a victim or suspected of committing a crime.

Every law enforcement agency in the state is mandated to establish a Juvenile Unit by the Attorney General due to the special provisions of New Jersey's Code of Juvenile Justice. New Jersey has proven to be a leader in creating a juvenile justice system which emphasizes corrective action and court diversionary programs.

If you would like to learn more about the Juvenile Justice System and the services offered by the Juvenile Unit, please see the following short list of services.

How May the Juvenile Unit Help You Today?

*Please call for help with any of the following: 
  • I would like to learn more about the Juvenile Justice System
  • What is a Station House Adjustment and how does it affect me and my Child? 
  • How does a Juvenile move through the NJ Juvenile Justice System? 
  • I need to report a missing or abducted child 
  • I am having trouble with my child at home and would like to talk to someone 
  • I would like to schedule a presentation of an overview of the Juvenile Justice system for my class or school group

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