Detective Bureau

About the Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is responsible for conducting criminal investigations pertaining to a wide variety of law enforcement initiatives - including narcotics interdiction, financial crimes, identity theft and fraud, domestic violence, and all other major investigative areas.

The Bureau also provides a variety of community services such as Good Conduct Letters, ink fingerprinting for federal and out-of-state employment or education, etc., firearms applications, and liquor license applications.

The Detective Bureau is overseen by a Detective Lieutenant who is responsible for managing the investigative strategies of the Department's Detectives and to ensuring that the needs of the Summit Community are continually evaluated and addressed through proactive investigation.

The Detective Lieutenant is assisted by a Detective Sergeant who serves as the daily supervisor of the Detectives. 

The Detective Bureau is committed to promoting the highest quality of life for all who live, work, and visit Summit. If you would like to contact any of the bureau's Supervisors or Detectives, please click on their portrait or visit the page.

How May the Detective Bureau Help You Today?

  • I'd like to apply for a Firearms ID Card or handgun purchase permit.
    • Please call 908-273-0051 and ask to be put throught to the Detective Bureau for assistance with the firearms application process.
    • Then, use this link: NJ State Firearms regulations to access FARS (the New Jersey State Police FIrearms Application and Registration System)
*Please call for help with any of the following: 
  • I need to be fingerprinted for employment
  • I'd like to receive a Letter of Good Conduct
  • Megan's Law registration / inquiries
  • I'd like to apply for a liquor license
  • I need to report an unsafe condition in a rented or shared home or apartment
  • I lost an item and I need to pick it up from the olice headquarters


Det. Ruddy Garita

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