Community Policing Unit

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The Community Policing Unit's specially trained officers are committed to fostering and furthering all of the community policing and community outreach
functions of the Summit Police Department.

These outreach functions play a central role in the department's ongoing mission to forge a close partnership with Summit's residents and businesses. This partnership allows the department to proactively respond to the public safety needs of the city as well as develop progressive strategies for providing the highest possible quality of life for all those who live, work, and learn in Summit.

Police & Community, Together Building a Safer Tomorrow

The Community Policing Unit strives to build strong, trusting relationships with the citizens of Summit. Through these relationships, the Community Policing Unit works closely with other divisions of the police department to address public safety concerns.

Additionally, the unit enjoys a dynamic working relationship with other branches of the city government, including the Department of Community Programs, the Summit Board of Education, and the Police Athletic League.

The community outreach functions, coupled with the important relationships fostered by the Community Policing Unit, allow the police department to serve the people of Summit through a variety of channels - furthering the department's role in making Summit a safe and enjoyable place to visit and live.

Please contact the unit if you would like to learn more about its programs and services.

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