Patrol Bureau

About the Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau consists of two squads of full-time Class A police officers certified by the New Jersey Police Training Commission.

Officers work a variety of shifts, which allows the City to afford its residents comprehensive professional law enforcement services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, during every day of the year - including holidays and weekends.

The Bureau is overseen by the Patrol Commander with duty shifts managed by Patrol Sergeants. Each shift also includes Officers who are trained in a variety of special operational disciplines, including:
  • Motor vehicle accident investigation
  • DWI enforcement
  • Domestic violence and crisis response
  • Traffic enforcement
  • S.W.A.T. operations
  • Narcotics interdiction

Our Mission 

Through the creation of teams with a variety of talents, the Summit Police Department is able to ensure that the most advanced law enforcement strategies are available to the community at all times.

The Patrol Bureau is also responsible for answering all calls for service received by the Department. Summit Police Department takes great pride in providing fast, professional responses to all requests for police assistance.

How May the Patrol Bureau Help You Today?

*Please call us for help with any of the below:
  • I'm leaving for vacation and I'd like officers to check my house
  • I found a lost item and I'd like to turn it into the police
  • I've been the victim of a crime
  • I need to report a missing person
  • I've seen something suspicious and I'd like to report it
  • I've been in a car accident
  • I'd like to make a parking complaint
  • I've lost my dog or pet
  • A deer or other animal is in my backyard and it won't leave
  • I see power or telephone wires down outside
  • I smell gas or a strange odor in my house
  • I've locked my keys in my car

Patrol Supervisors

Sgt. Matthew Buntin


Sgt. Jeffrey Deets

SPD Sgt Deets

Sgt. Jeffrey Peer

SPD Sgt Peer

Sgt. Charlie Robertson

SPD C Robertson

Sgt. Sam Rutkowski


Sgt. Brian Werthmann

B Werthmann
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