Summit School Partnership



D.A.R.E. Graduation Party

2 DARE Graduation Pool Party
The Police Department believes that a relationship with the City's Board of Education, Public School System, and Private Educational Institutions is vital in promoting a safe and healthy community environment. By fostering positive relationships with students, families, faculty, and staff, the Department is able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of residents and the community. Additionally through classroom interaction, students are afforded the opportunity to interact with Police Officers in a learning environment which encourages them to view the Police Department as a positive and cooperating influence throughout their educational career. Students are offered enhanced instruction through D.A.R.E., driver's education, safety presentations, and other educational programs. 

Safety Presentations

3 Safety Presentations

Drunk Busters

5 Drunk Busters

Juvenile Law Classes

6 Juvenile Law Classes

Summit Middle School STOKES Trip

7 Stokes

Summit Middle School Washington D.C. Trip

8 Washington DC Trip
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