Election & Voting Information

For the residents of Summit in the County of Union, the City Clerk presides over local elections. Any questions regarding elections, polling places, contact the City Clerk's Office.

For the most up-to-date information for voters please visit the County website.

general election results

The Union County Board of Elections has installed a secure ballot drop-off box in Summit, in the Chestnut Street Parking Lot next to the Firehouse (corner of Morris Avenue and Broad Street). The Union County Board of Elections has advised that designated bipartisan personnel will be picking up the ballots deposited in the drop box on a daily basis.

Ballot drop box

Election Forms:   Complete the forms and submit them as instructed. Forms must be sent to Union County Board of Elections. Forms available are:

Early voting forms: 

Obtain election forms, election application deadlines, and all pertinent election information on the Union County website.

For more detailed information on voting, click here

2021 GENERAL Election Unofficial Results: 

Unofficial Results for the Tuesday, November 2 General Election.

Ward 1 Summary 

Ward 2 Summary

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