Court & Traffic Violations

Municipal Court is closed for the month of March to mitigate exposure to the COVID-19 virus.


Municipal Courts are statutory courts of limited jurisdiction having responsibility for:
  • Certain penalty enforcement codes
  • Disorderly and petty disorderly criminal offenses
  • Fish and game
  • Health code violations
  • Motor vehicle traffic violations
  • Municipal and county ordinance violations
  • Other proceedings within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality
  • Weights and measures
Practice and procedures are governed by New Jersey Court Rules. The Municipal Court Judge is responsible for overseeing the administration of his or her Municipal Court.


Please notify the court of disability accommodation needs. You have the right to an interpreter: sign language, foreign language or other reasonable accommodation if one is required for you to effectively communicate in Court, please let us know.

New Jersey Courts
More information about the state court system is available on their website.