Can I use 911 on my cellphone to report an emergency or drunk driver on the road?
Yes. Calls to 911 from cellphones are free. However, please do not try to pursue a drunk driver or place yourself in any danger. Keep a safe distance from the suspected drunk driver. When you call 911, you will be asked to provide a description of the car, its location and direction. Police officers will be dispatched to the area and will take care of the rest.

If you are calling to report an emergency, it is important to note that ALL 911 calls from cellular phones in New Jersey are answered by call takers from the New Jersey State Police. If you are reporting an incident which is occurring in Morristown, you may be transferred to the 911 center at Summit Police Headquarters by the initial call taker. This is because the 911 operator is much more familiar with Morristown and the surrounding area and can provide more assistance than the initial call taker. Furthermore, Summit PD 911 operator will have a direct radio link to responding officers, thereby reducing their response time.

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