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Summit Farmers Market On-Site Manager

Job Description:

A key ingredient in the operation of a market is the person who runs the market on a week-to-week basis. This job is the responsibility of the “On-Site Market Manager,” a person designated or employed by Summit Downtown, Inc. for making operational decisions. The Market runs April through November and is open from 8AM to 1PM; exact dates vary.
From the perspective of participating vendors, the On-Site Market Manager plays a critical role in running the market, enforcing the rules, resolving disputes, providing answers to questions, and more. The work responsibilities are:

  1. Place all signage out prior to the start of the market at locations determined by SDI. 
  2. Ensure market is ready for vendor set-up (call police for illegally parked cars). 
  3. Check each vendor stand weekly to ensure only approved products are being sold and food is being properly and safely displayed. Unapproved products must be removed from sale and the governing body needs to be informed. 
  4. Ensure all market regulations are being adhered to and consistently enforce them. 
  5. Maintain market grounds in a safe and clean manner for customers and vendors during market hours (handling/disposal of trash from SDI cans during the market).
  6. Operate Summit Downtown, Inc./Manager Booth each week at market:
    • Be available to answer customer and vendor question or concerns about the
    • market, downtown and Summit Downtown, Inc.
    • Display and distribute educational/vendor/SDI/retail and/or business materials.
    • Collect customer contact information for email and newsletter purposes.
    • Host GIFT (Give it Fresh Today) booth.
    • Host and set up booths for non-profit and downtown businesses.
    • Ensure set-up for special events conducted at the market. (Pie contests, etc.)
    • Coordinate and host a variety of music during the season with the approval of the governing body.
    • Take pictures and promote the Market throughout each Market Day through SDI’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  7. Ensure market grounds are clean after vendors leave. Dispose of trash from the SDI cans.

**The On-Site Market Manager and immediate family are not permitted to accept free or reduced price merchandise from any vendor.

Interested applicants should contact Nancy Adams, Executive Director of Summit Downtown, Inc. at:

Nancy Adams, CMSM | Executive Director
18 Bank Street | Suite 108 | Summit, NJ 07901
Office: 908.277.6100 | Fax: 908.273.9256 | Email:

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