On Tuesday evening at approximately 8:01PM, a woman walking a dog on Essex Road encountered three black males walking toward her. When the men noticed her approaching with her dog, they turned around and quickly left in the opposite direction. Thinking their behavior seemed suspicious, she called 911.

Summit Police patrolled the area and located the men on the Short Hills side of Rt. 124. When questioned, two suspects provided false information and were arrested. The third, a minor with a record of being involved in a carjacking, was released. One of the men that was arrested had a criminal history that included a weapons possession charge. The other was supposed to be on house arrest for stealing a vehicle from the Short Hills mall last week.

Summit Police Department is extremely thankful that a vigilant citizen acted in a way that may have prevented a motor vehicle theft in Summit or a neighboring community last evening.

Please always secure your homes and your vehicles when parked and remove key fobs. Working together we can help keep everyone safe.

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