The New Jersey State Department of Health has informed the City of Summit of two new cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Summit, NJ, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 207. Additional statistics are available at

A second Summit Police Officer was injured last night in an accident while in pursuit of a stolen vehicle taken from a driveway on Oak Ridge Avenue. The vehicle was unlocked with the key fob in it.

From Mayor Nora Radest: “People who recklessly leave keys in a car with it unlocked are drawing criminals into our neighborhoods, endangering their neighbors and our police officers.”

In addition, there are reports of packages being stolen from porches. To avoid them being taken, do not leave deliveries outside, especially overnight.

Radest continues: “Our community is being targeted by people who see easy opportunity for theft. Please be mindful for yourselves and your neighbors. Lock your cars and bring in your packages.”

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