Summit Rent Commission

The mission of the Summit Rent Commission is to promote safe and fair rental practices for tenants and landlords. We serve to educate and support Summit residents, and recommend appropriate methods for settling rental disputes.

City of Summit Rent Commission Members

Leslie Salcedo - Chairperson
Brent Cromwell - Landlord Representative
Kelli Montgomery - Public Representative
Public Representative - Vacant
Tenant Representative - Vacant
Lisa K. Allen - Council Liaison

For more information on tenant or landlord complaints, call 908-273-6400.

City of Summit Rent Commission PSA 2021

Click here for the City of Summit Rent Commission PSA 2021. 

Fair Chance in Housing Act

On June 18, 2021, Governor Phil Murphy signed the Fair Chance in Housing Act, barring landlords in New Jersey from asking about criminal history on housing applications. Landlords will only be able to ask about criminal records on applications if the prospective tenants are a registered sex offender or were convicted of making meth in federally-assisted housing. Otherwise, landlords cannot look into criminal history until after making a conditional offer.

Quick Links

Click here for properties listed by the New Jersey Housing Resource Center.

Click here for a simplified version of New Jersey Rental Regulations, provided by the National Landlord Association. 

NJ State COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program (CVERAP)


Need help understanding your rights as a renter during the coronavirus pandemic?

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For more information on tenant or landlord complaints, call 908-273-6400.