Green Schools

School green teams in Summit are comprised of volunteer parents who look for creative, fun and effective ways of encouraging green habits inside the schools and among the families of school-age children.

Individual School Teams
Each school green team directs its own projects based on what team members believe will best work in their individual schools. Once a month, representatives from the schools gather to discuss completed, ongoing and planned projects, and to share ideas with other school teams, which has resulted in several schools engaging in variations of the same project.

Successful Implementation
With the support of school administrators and the enthusiastic participation of students, the school green teams have successfully implemented a wide variety of green initiatives.

Popular Projects

Among the most popular and effective projects are:
  • Anti-idling campaign targeted at discouraging people from idling their car engines near school grounds
  • Walk-to-school campaign, encouraging students to walk to and from school as much as possible
  • Emphasis on waste-free lunches, encouraging students to use reusable bottles, lunch boxes, and sandwich and snack wrapping material
Summit Free Market
A group of high school students, under the supervision of adult volunteers and mentors, has established and continues to run a seasonal Summit Free Market at the transfer station, where people can donate unwanted items and take items they need or want, all at no cost.