Records Bureau

About the Records Bureau

The Records Bureau is responsible for the management of all police records and the coordination of mandatory reporting to State and Federal agencies. Records clerks also track and analyze police statistics which allows the Department to property distribute law enforcement resources throughout the City.

In addition to records management and statistical analysis, the Lieutenant supervisor of the Records Bureau oversees the coordination of extra duty assignments and third party requests to hire police officers for special events, security details, and traffic construction. The Lieutenant is assisted by and administrative clerk.

How May the Records Bureau Help You Today?

  • I would like to learn more about New Jersey's Open Public Record Act
  • I would like to obtain a copy of a police report which I filed
  • I would like to obtain a copy of a police report which I did not file
  • I am an attorney and I would like to request a discovery
  • I would like to hire a police officer for a special event, traffic construction project, or security detail
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